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Hello!!! My name is Leslie and I'm an actress and a writer. Here is where you will find some of my thoughts, many of my interests, and some of my faults. I'm a 23 year old Memphis native with small boobs and an even smaller booty. Not everyone can be this perfect.

⛅️thank The Lord for mini vacays…

"Oh what a feeling!" Memphis’s Picasso Baby event was a hit!

By now we know that this freestyle showcase had nothing to do with the Jay-Z song, but I quoted it because it really is a fitting exclamation. Picasso Baby was just as awesome as I predicted it to be, and even though I did not have the opportunity to capture the moment, it’s a vivid memory.

There were approximately 30 acts in all, and they were all dope. It was the perfect mix of diversity and talent in one place. There were rappers, singers, poets, spoken word artists, comedians, dancers, acting, and visual artists. Each artist had 5 minutes to perform, and they all rocked it. Rather than a stage, the artists had a long wide aisle to work with. There were VIP seats lined along the inside of the aisle, and the rest of the crowd stood on the other side of the aisle, behind a yellow rope. And did I mention that it was PACKED? There was definitely a lot to see; luckily I had a good seat. There were even some acts that I was surprised to see: classical singing, b-boy dancing, and a little girl who had the meanest Nae Nae in the city, I’m sure.
Some of my personal favorites of the night:
YR Generation (emcee group)
S.O.U.L. (emcee duo)
PA Bomani (comedian)
R.I.C.O. (emcee)
Chris James (spoken word)
Melanie Bostick (poet)
Dassia Rose (poet)

Not only was the entertainment on point, but the merchandise was too. Against the walls behind the crowd were all of the display tables. There were about 10 of them and each of them represented a small business or works by local artists. There was jewelry, body products, books, cds, photography, paintings, and sweets. I ended up leaving with a book by Chris James and an album by Candy Fox (both who performed a piece in the show). I haven’t opened either of them yet, but I do feel like it was money well spent. I really did enjoy myself and I hope that this becomes somewhat of a yearly event, even if the format doesn’t remain the same. The general idea was to give artists a platform to promote their art in a dope atmosphere with people who appreciate such creativity.
So, shoutout to Timothy Moore (aka Urban Thoughts) and everyone from the Speak Life Society of Memphis. They understand the need to promote the creativity in this city that too many people overlook. I hope that this was inspiring for others as much as it was for me. Hopefully someone in Memphis will see the impact of these type of events, and we will see more of them as time progresses. This is what night life should be like.

See pictures of #206PicassoBaby on the 206 Facebook page.
Visit the Speak Life Society FB page here.

Speak Life Society Presents: Picasso Baby, a freestyle networking event.

Even though I’ve lived in Memphis all my life, like most people my age, I grew to assume that the city didn’t have much to offer. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After college, I began chasing after my artistry again, and as a result, I discovered a whole new and inspiring breed of individuals right here in the city: the artists. Open mics, art shows, hip hop events and the like are where I spend 70% of my leisure time. There is much potential in this city and it needs to be seen. I know now that this is definitely the environment that needs to headline for Memphis, and if you haven’t discovered it yet, Picasso Baby will prove to be the best introduction.


Held at the event venue/art gallery 206, Picasso Baby is an all night affair that will showcase some of the most creative and charming artists in Memphis. Art. Dance. Music. Poetry. Comedy. Fashion. Photography. Whatever your fancy is, you can find it here. There is an extensive list of artists that will perform/showcase their art, and the lineup will be drawn at random on show day. I am confident that there is something for everyone to enjoy at this event. And just in case the kaleidascope of artists doesn’t win you over, there are other goodies available. A full list of vendors will be on site, so bringing your wallet would be beneficial. You can also expect giveaways, specialty items for VIP guests, and high end goods for sale.

If you’re into the “art scene” here in Memphis, expect to see a lot of familiar faces in the spot. Knowledge Nick, P.A. Bomani, C’Beyohn, Three Kings, Y.R. Generation, and Writeous Soul are only a few featured acts who have already gained a local buzz. Check out the YouTube promo video to see all of the artists in the lineup.

You can buy tickets HERE, or pay at the door.

Get there on time, too. The flyer says 8:00pm SHARP. No CP time.

Love your locals.
Support Memphis artists.

I don’t think it’s been a year since the last “National Sibling Day” passed but oh well. When in Rome… Me and @falana1028 my only favorite sister!!

I don’t think it’s been a year since the last “National Sibling Day” passed but oh well. When in Rome… Me and @falana1028 my only favorite sister!!

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