Feel like I haven’t gotten better at anything except making mistakes.


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I’ve been ready to swing on folks since Wednesday. Please put encouraging and calm words in my inbox.

Anonymous asked:
spray Raid bug spray all over your window and it will definitely kill the spider and anything else that may have decided to make a home on your car :]

lol thank you. 

Someone please, quickly tell me how pawn shops work.

Our house was broken into earlier this week and out of everything that’s stolen, I’m really trying to track down my laptop. There were things on there that were irreplaceable and impossible or maybe just unfair for me to start over on. For one, the play that I had basically finished and was about to get copyrighted. Yall, it’s gone. And it took me forever to work on that play & I’ve been sick about it.
Try to understand, because nobody else seems to.

I was told by another cop that if you have the serial number of the items that were taken, the numbers can be ran to see if they’ve been picked up by a pawn shop.
But honestly, the police are moving a tad bit too slow for my taste, and I found the serial numbers afterwards to give to them but no one will accept my “new information”.

HYPOTHETICALLY, If I wanted to stroll around and find out for myself if my stuff was at a nearby pawn shop, could I just present them with the serial number and maybe cry? Or what? I know that once they decide to put it out on the floor with everything else, they will wipe all of the files off of it.
I know its a stretch & most people think I’m dumb for even attempting but my life was slick on that laptop and I want to try everything I can to see if I can find out where it ended up. 
No I didn’t register it. No I don’t still have the box. No the serial number isn’t on the receipt. But I do have the serial number of something else that was taken and if the thieves did sell our stuff, maybe they sold it to the same place.

Does anybody know a way I can go to a pawn shop and see for myself? Without blatantly walking in and saying “This was stolen from me a few days ago. I wanna see if its here.” Because I know that won’t work.


Still sick about it. This is how I’ve looked by default for two days now. #nobodyUnderstands

Warm winds on a space ride.
When I call your phone on a late night.
I recall your soul had a taste like…
Gardens, Flowers, Warm Winds.

SZA (via cantholdmyliquor)


There’s a spider living on the left mirror of my car, and I’ve been forever paranoid about it. But I’m taking a stand. Its an orange/red/spotted motherfucker and he’s got to go because I’m terrified.

Every few days when I come to my car, there’s a new spiderweb covering my left side mirror. Sometimes the spider will just be sitting in the middle of it, like everything is cool. I try to drive as fast as possible to just knock him off with wind resistance, but it didn’t work. I even tried to let the hard rains get him so that I didn’t have to, but that didn’t do so well either. TODAY, I came out to the car and almost went crazy as I felt a web cover my face when I got in the car. When I got in and closed the door, I looked out of the window to see that the spider made an even bigger web, going from the side mirror to the actual window and door of the driver’s side. Sitting right in the middle of it.
So now the bastard gotta die. And I’m so glad I didn’t walk into the part of the web that he was hanging from.

See, I only see him every few days even though the webs always pop up, and I had assumed that he got blown away or something. But now I know his hiding spot. I tried driving fast to work today but all he did was hang on and scurry BEHIND my mirror to safety. Now, me being me, I’m thinking the worst and I feel like this spider could be a man or a woman. If its a woman spider, I’m just certain that she’s laying eggs behind my mirror, and soon I’ll have mini spiders waiting for me when I get in the car for work. If its a male spider, I just know that he be calling spider hoes over to the crib, so he can knock one up to lay eggs behind my mirror, and soon I’ll have mini spiders waiting for me when I get in the car for work, and possibly see a spider domestic violence dispute.

I ain’t tryna see all that though. So today, on my lunch, I’m hoping he shows his face, so I can drive through the automatic car wash and try to kill him softly ONE MORE TIME. If he’s still hiding behind the folds of my mirror, then I will still go through the car wash (becuase my truck needs that plus a thorough ass vaccuuming). BUT, I’ma go to my dad’s house and tell him to take the mirror apart so we can get back there and murder him.

Little Lady

We did it.
We dropped the ball like a million times ladies, I admit it.
The blame’s on man, no need to split the difference.
But God’s raising up men who really get it.
We got the same haircuts, the same clothes, but trust me babygirl something’s different.
It’s accepting that we’re not in control.
Giving our lives to the one who is
He wipes our noses and subdues our fears
Cuz honestly that’s all it really is.
In our youth we had hopes too but some heroes never ever appeared.

-Mali Music

Michael Sam receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award just reminded me how ignorant society is.

First, the fact that people think he got it for BEING GAY.
Then, the fact that people fail to realize that the only reason he was praised for coming out is because the world is still very much bigoted and concerned towards the issue of homosexuality. If we never made a big deal out of people being gay, hollywood wouldn’t feel like they need to celebrate and take action whenever these people come out publicly.

Oh and then there’s the fact that niggas still think men CHOOSE to be gay.




So over the weekend I decided to turn my locs into an ombre experiment and I love it!

you better werk.

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