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50 Cent’s Floyd Mayweather challenge [Ohsochilltoughts]

Because twitter is the news, I found out this morning aboout 50 Cent’s instagram video, promising Floyd that if he read one page of a Harry Potter book, he (50 Cent) would donate $750,000 to any charity of Floyd’s choice.
Apparently the two have been going at each other for some time now, but what exactly triggered this challenge is neither here nor there. What’s buzzing now, is a bunch of memes and jokes about Floyd Mayweather not knowing how to read. And though some people would argue that since Floyd is a cocky/greater than thou type celebrity and that he deserves to be taunted, I beg to differ.

*Let me first put out the disclaimer that I’m not really a fan of Mayweather. I’m not a hater either. I probably said he was fine before, and I’m also pretty sure I might have called him an asshole once, but at the end of the day he’s just another celebrity to me. I’ve never really paid any extra attention to him, not even in the likes of his boxing career. So there is no bias behind these next comments.

I actually heard Floyd on the Breakfast Club, when he was trying to read a radio drop about iHeart radio or something. The blurb probably wasn’t even meant to last longer than 15 seconds, but he was struggling through it.
There are hundreds and hundreds of people clowning him on Twitter at this very moment because he can’t read very well, but to me it isn’t funny at all. Illiteracy is no joke, and whether Floyd called it upon himself or not to be outed like that by 50, I find no humor in that. If he really IS illiterate, then that’s not funny. That is sad, and it baffles me that so many people think it’s so trivial that it can only be looked at as hilarious.

I may be reaching with this, but there was a time when black people couldn’t read, simply because we were not allowed to learn. They didn’t feel it necessary to educate us. And I think it is so important that we did end up getting that right. Nowadays, you don’t see many people reading for leisure because they don’t see the point, but overall I look at it as a privilege to be able to read. Because even as all black people are free to learn the same as others, there are kids (and adults) in other countries who are sitll unable because they cannot afford it or don’t have the right resources. I am someone who loves to read. And as a person who loves to read, I will admit that its sometimes frustrating to see that even though many people don’t view reading as fun, they don’t view it as important either. Not everyone is going to like to sit and read books, and that’s fine. As long as you learned how to and are able to read, at least you will when you need to. But it’s looking like Floyd Mayweather is illiterate, and that is why he usually won’t read. Now, I don’t know him personally… BUT… If he can’t read, it is because he had trouble learning how, not because he chose not to. Now, he might have chosen not to after so many years of struggling with it, but it was either because his teachers had given up on him or he had given up on himself, and felt that it wasn’t that important. And the way he slid through life to where he is now, he must’ve been convinced by himself or other people that it wasn’t necessary for him to read. Which brings me to the next thing people are saying that I don’t agree with.

Alot of people are backing up their taunts with excuses like this:
"Floyd don’t need to know how to read because he’s rich."
"It doesn’t matter if he can’t read, he makin way more money than yall."
To which I replied (in my head): What the fuck?
So reading isn’t a necessary skill if you have alot of money? Please, tell me how much money you have to have in order for your bad reading skills to be excused, then. A million dollars? A hundred million dollars?
Actually there is no answer because it is never okay for a grown person to not be able to read. Truthfully, or in my opinion anyway, if you have all of this money, why not use it to get private reading and English lessons? But that’s too much like right. One would even go so far as to say its a waste of money. Which is also bullshit.

That is a huge problem/misconception with today’s society. People think that when you’re rich and/or famous, you don’t need to know how to read. I mean, people actually believe this. And I don’t blame them because they weren’t born thinking that way, they were conditioned to believe it. Think about it, it starts when we’re young. Especially with young black males. The “dumb athlete” stereotype? Where do you think that came from? When it becomes known that a young black man is amazing at basketball or football, its decided right away that THAT is what he needs to strive for in life: to be a famous athlete. And 9 times out of 10, that is what the rest of his schooling years revolve around. He gets D’s in all of his classes because he’s in practice, conditioning, and games so much. Traveling too. Basically being so active in sports, he neglects his schoolwork. But the teachers pass him anyway. And college? Tuh! Getting in is too simple. If you’re productive enough as a player, of course you’re getting a full ride. And the process starts all over again. If they make it, education surely goes unnoticed and irrelevant. He can’t write complete sentences and reads on a 5th grade level? That’s okay, he’s mostly going to be running throwing and catching anyway. He’s not even going to have to read. Contracts? Who reads those? He can pay someone to do it.
Appearances on tv? There’s a teleprompter there with common words, and a guy to say “cut” and start over if he messes up.
It’s no big deal right?

Why do you think so many of the athletes/celebrities go broke and never recover to something else? Because they were trained to be stars and have everything handed to them. But what people don’t realize is you’re not going to be a star forever. Unless you have 100% trustworthy people handling your finances, or doing it yourself good enough to save for those dark days, you’re gonna be assed out when your 15 minutes of fame are up. And you can’t get a “regular” job without knowing how to read, let alone count! 

Anyway… I can maybe agree with the fact that Floyd Mayweather does put on like he’s better than everyone else. He might be excessive when it comes to cars and clothes. And people haven’t forgotten that he had a domestic violence case a while back, too. But that is still no reason to out this man for not reading well. We don’t laugh at children who have illiteracy, so why is it funny that he has it? That ain’t cool.

The same type of teachers who throw kids in special ed, all because they aren’t the strongest readers could very well be the same types that passed Floyd along as a child to the next level. When he got to whatever age it was, they saw that he was a good fighter, and convinced him that THAT was all he needed to be successful in life. They didn’t care to take the time to help. And that’s all we do to each other. When someone doesn’t know any better, we would rather humiliate them than help them out. But oh, let a white man call any one of us an ignorant nigger, we go off.

I’m just saying, man. Think about what you say before you say it. We hurt situations alot more than we help them, and alot of times that can be avoided if we just didn’t say shit about the things we don’t understand.


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Campaigns for #MikeBrown #Ferguson


Ferguson PD JUST raided a church that is serving as a safe space for protesters. They are currently taking all of their supplies. This is happening RIGHT NOW.

If you can donate please do. If you cant, please reblog. 

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I just need about 24 days off.

To get myself together.

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Phillip Agnew of The Dream Defenders. The Dream Defenders is a human rights organization that’s building leadership and power among young people of colour to challenge racism in their communities.Phillip Agnew on All In

I know its not the right time to say this but he is. Fine. Baby.

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Key words is that he hadn’t watched the video yet. And before yall start hating Taylor Swift and putting her in a category with Miley and Iggy, I advise you to watch the whole video and not get upset about some screenshots.
And who said black people are the only ones free to twerk? Its a dance. It’s not exclusive to one race. Chill.

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I miss my boyfran.

I just saw him yesterday but, still…

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I can never just be normal for a picture. #HandsUpMemphis #dontshoot #naptural

I can never just be normal for a picture. #HandsUpMemphis #dontshoot #naptural

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I was with the small but mighty group on Poplar and Dunlap today, as part of #HandsUpMemphis. I appreciated the love and respect that we got while we were out there. We even had a few people walk up to join us. Kids too. #Ferguson #mikebrown #handsup #dontshoot #solidarity #MSPJC #Memphis #justice #peace

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remember when you put your glasses on for the first time and you realized you could see leaves on trees

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Those nights when you cry yourself to sleep and you don’t really know all of the reasons why.

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